Sales insights
that generate revenue.

Empower your sales team to close more deals
with data-driven targeting, at the right time, every time.

Newly hired
and ready to convert.

New hires spend 70% of their budget in their first 100 days.
Be there from day one, and secure that budget.

New Hires

You tell us what your ICP looks like. And we make sure you don't miss a single job change among them, even if you've never interacted with them before.

Job Changes

You have a 60 to 70% chance of selling to an existing customer. Monitor job changes among your customers and make sure you take advantage of these odds.

Decode job offers,
discover gold.

Each hiring move hides a business pain.
Ready to cure it?

Upcoming Projects

Job listings are treasure maps.
Find hints about new projects and use them for hyper personalized outreach with perfect timing.

AI Assistant

ChatGPT's got your back.
It digs through listings, pulling out the exact info you need for that personal touch.

Tools Mentions

Tools talk, we listen.
Be it software, platforms, or apps related to you, get instant insights right from the job offers.

Data's cool.
Data activation is better.

What's the point of getting all these data points if your sales don't use it?
We integrate with the tools they use everyday to make it easy for them.

A gif of Datachimp's workflows

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